Rumors about Tamannaah’s Love-Life revealed?

During a television promotional program for the film “Kanne Kalaimaane” actor Uday Stalin revealed something very interesting in front of the audience.

The stars of the film Uday and Tamannaah were asked a question or rather I would say “stated” that Uday loves Tamannaah and he would marry her. To this statement, Uday replied, that it wouldn’t be possible since his co-star’s lover is already in U.S waiting for her.

So, since there was already a rumor about Tamannaah having a relationship with U.S. based doctor, and with Uday’s Statement, he gave some clue about Tamannaah’s personal life.

We still have no confirmation about it as we are not sure, whether he meant it or just pulling his co-star’s leg. Still it’ will keep us wondering. Let’s see what is next. Till then stay tuned with Wetalkiess.